The Great Goal Game Plan

The Great Goal Game Plan

January 30, 2016

Written by: Jennifer Jimbere | Productivity & Profitability Coach for Business Leaders

We know a woman, who is smart. She is passionate about her business and she has big dreams. Everyday she commits to her business and yet, everyday she gets easily distracted, “stuff” just gets in the way. The business of running a business is tough.

We know how she feels. Do YOU?

You’re so busy, You love your work and saying “No” is hard for you. You feel frustrated as your working day extends in to your family time and your work / life balance is beginning to suffer.

You’re a high achiever, always striving for big goals and yet you give yourself a hard time when you don’t achieve everything you’d planned to. You feel stress and challenged by daily overwhelm.

You can achieve so much more than you thought possible. You just need a plan. You need clear strategies to guide your actions everyday.

We get it. And we have the solution.
Imagine running your business, rather than your business running you.

The Great Goal Game Plan:

☑ Create a compelling vision for your business
☑ Have a grip on your current reality versus where you are going
☑ Build heart-felt and inspired objectives and strategies
☑ Be prepared to overcome the Grizzly Roadblocks that you are sure to face
☑ Unleash your Strengths and Be Bold and take ACTION

Are you saying, YES, I need a plan?
Join us, Sanae Floyd and I will guide you.
Class is in session February 15th, 2016, grab your seat and get ready to take bold action.

Maintain momentum and make it a great day!


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Are you a Goal Digger?

Are you a Goal Digger?

Do you take the time to step into possibility?

To think, to imagine and explore how you can bring about a new reality.
Every year, I build a scorecard for my goals and look at it weekly to ensure that they are always top of mind. This helps me to take inspired action.

Last year really enforced the importance of planning and vision!
When I work with clients, I invite them into this process as part of the 4DX model for planning.

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