My maiden name is Dubien, which is of French descent. In loose translation, it means “do good”.

My married name is Jimbere, which is of African descent. In loose translation, it means, “go forward”.

Together, I am able to do good and go forward daily and have a positive impact with all of the business leaders I am honoured to support.

Presently, I work with highly educated, growth-minded, action takers who are serious about their success.

Join in the awesome!

Your Partner in Prosperity

“If you don’t try you will never know, you are stronger than you think and confidence conveys competence.”

Meet Jennifer Jimbere

Your Partner in Prosperity

In 1996, I was not like everyone else who stayed in the dorms at university. My parents and I bought a house and gutted it so that I could be a landlord and we would have an investment property. I remember having a full course load, working part-time, and paying bills at 18-years old. Responsible for the household and tenants. There were many stories I could tell from these times as not every tenant was ideal! This served me well.

When I graduated University, I worked in sales at a few car dealerships and then got into Financial Services. I was quickly promoted as the companies changed names and I was a District Manager before I was 26-years old.

When I went into banking I was promoted almost every year into bigger and more complex branches as my impact on the people and bottom line was quickly seen. With greater and greater responsibility, I kept learning. First Human Resource Manager, then Certified Professional Coach.

When I was responsible for the professional development of all of the senior Financial Advisors in Canada at Edward Jones, that learning continued I become a certified Change Management Specialist, Extended DiSC behavioural trainer and more. Building rapport comes easily to me. I transitioned from financial services to create my own private practice in 2015.

Now, I celebrate the success I have working as an award-winning coach, international best-selling co-author, and, supporting my awesome clients in North America.