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3-months partnering together, 12 sessions $5500 CAD + HST  ($458/session)

6-months partnering together, 24 sessions $9500 CAD + HST  ($395/session)

12-months partnering together, 48 sessions $18000 CAD + HST ($375/session) 

Here is the thing…

What do I receive?

Everything in my tool kit is available to you in this partnership as we work 1:1 to your next level!


As an award-winning coach and consultant, you receive:


20+ years experience in sales, leadership and professional development


Proven processes to organize a solid foundation to build upon


Personalized Extended DiSC Behavioural analysis to improve your communication and be more self-aware


Change management specialist to help you imbed new habits for performance


Foundational support that integrates the science of well-being


PLUS, the four elements of an effective business plan that you can execute with ease and confidence!

Since we are locking arms together, let's find out if we are a good fit

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Who is this for?

Level Up!

This program is for business leaders who are stepping up and claiming, they want it all!

Business Leaders who are ready to TAKE ACTION!

Are any of these statements true for you?

  • Your business isnt going in the direction that you want it to
  • You feel that you are not making the impact that you want
  • You are not making the money that you desire
  • You dont have the influence that you want
  • You feel like you are on the verge of a burnout
Being open and receptive to all good is a choice

“Let me help you if you are seriously considering how to scale and grow your business!”

Here is the thing…







Change Requires Action

Your competition is doing the exact opposite of attraction marketing and pushing their messages and agenda on other people. That style does not work to create the kind of success that you are after. 

I am going to teach you what does work!

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“I would recommend that any business looking to be more productive and profitable retain the services of Jennifer!”

“Jennifer Jimbere is a dream to work with. She has assisted me professionally by teaching me techniques to be more productive, and assist me in ensuring my staff is more productive. Ensuring higher productivity in a law firm results in higher profitability and finding additional revenue. Jennifer has helped me to build my business in ways that I could not have imagined on my own.” ~Melissa Bowen B.A., L.L.B.

Who is this NOT for?

  • This opportunity is not for you if you are ok with the status quo
  • If you feel like you are not ready to invest in yourself
  • If you are kind of happy with the way things are
  • If your business is booming and you’ve got more leads than you can handle.


This program is for business leaders who are stepping up and claiming, they want it all. Business Leaders who are ready to Level Up!

Being open and receptive to all good is a choice

Success hacking requires these 5 things:

  1. Work with a proven professional. 
  2. Decide to invest in yourself.
  3. Study everything they do. Get trained. Attend their events.
  4. Use their resources, tools, and systems.
  5. Cut out the noise and distractions.

The possibilities are endless.  With a Business Growth Expert, get answers to your business challenges, gain insight into areas that are not your strengths, learn shortcuts and find efficiencies for your business, learn how to experience more positive relationships and the list goes on.


Our success is predicated on having a proven process for implementation, we will use our knowledge and experience to support your forward movement and hold you accountable to the goals you set.

“Jennifer has been working with the Forestdale team for a bit now, she is just amazing! Our team has made leaps and bounds in relation to teamwork, communication style knowledge and learning how to understand each other in order to make an extremely effective team. Jennifer is encouraging, knowledgeable, helpful, understanding and so pleasant to work with. I would recommend Jimbere Coaching and Consulting to anyone who wishes to further succeed in their life!!” ~ Chloe Church

Jennifer has been great to work with. She has helped me to develop myself into a better leader by helping me to understand myself. ” ~ Russ Church

Are you ready?

Here Are Some Possible Outcomes

For You When We Partner Together:


Re-ignite your passion and reimagine what’s possible


Increased Revenue


Increased Positive Emotions and Improved Flow


Increased Efficiency & Productivity


Clarity on 1-3 Wildly Important Goals


Greater control and focus on your lead and lag measures


A scorecard that will guide your efforts and let you know if you’re winning


A cadence of Accountability to assist in your goal achievement

Most people who join programs get the “how-to” but never take action with the information.

I am sharing what has worked for me and my clients. 

Your results are dependent on many factors… including but not limited to your ability to work hard, commit yourself, and implement the business advice given based on your strengths. 

If you’re not willing to accept that, please DO NOT SIGN UP FOR THIS PROGRAM.

Your Biggest Risk Is Not Taking Action.


Step Into Your Prosperous Life!

Learn more about if this is a great fit for you by booking in a meeting.

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