Listen to what some of my happy clients are saying!

“I signed up for Jennifer’s online Linkedin course and opted to take additional coaching sessions with her as well. The value I received from both courses was beyond the price point by far. After completing the online course Jennifer and I were able to work through the lessons live and tweak the learning I already experienced. From there she supported me in building out my business plan and I left the session with actions I could take immediately to impact my business growth and profit.” ~ Melissa Maloney

You will not be disappointed in her straight forward, clear and curious approach to coaching and supporting you. Highly recommend!

It can be frustrating that the word ‘coaching’ is often loosely used with so many individuals calling themselves business coaches, life coaches, diet coaches, love coaches etc. However, Jennifer Jimbere Coaching and Consulting is not one of these.

“Recently in a Zoom mtg with Jennifer, she was able to concisely, with easy understandable advice, provide me with actionable ideas on ways to improve the results of my Financial Planning practice; including my footprint in the community and how to leverage off of my existing investment methodology. Jennifer has worked for many years in the financial advisory industry and has recently worked with my firm IG Wealth Management.

It can be frustrating that the word ‘coaching’ is often loosely used with so many individuals calling themselves business coaches, life coaches, diet coaches, love coaches etc. However, Jennifer Jimbere Coaching and Consulting is not one of these. Jennifer can add real value and will provide you actionable ideas, concepts, and advice to improve your overall results. I am happy to refer Jennifer and suggest that if you have not had the opportunity yet, you really should set up a meeting soon. Thank you, Jennifer.” ~Taras Hucal

“Jennifer is wonderful to work with, she is straight forward, direct, honest, and results-oriented. Everything I want in a coach!” ~ Trudy Stoner

If you are ready to take your business to a new level I highly recommend working with her.

“Jennifer helped me understand the importance of using social media to help increase my brand awareness. She guided me to set up daily tasks, brainstorm content, create posts, and stay consistent.

Jennifer showed me how to take bit size pieces to grow my business and attract potential clients.

I appreciate her knowledge, expertise, and commitment to help me reach my goals. She was worth the investment.”  ~ Denise Dawes

With Jennifer’s help, I am finding clarity and she’s consistently challenging me to grow and develop. Thanks, Jennifer!

Jennifer’s Atomic Momentum program is designed to help her students become better business leaders with strategic vision. Jennifer’s energy is extraordinary and motivational. She’s prepared us with materials that are exceptionally organized and easy to follow.” ~Trevor Stooke

"Even if you are a seasoned entrepreneur or business person, Jennifer's knowledge, insights and contagious drive for success can be the fuel injection you need for your next milestone! She has been instrumental to me as I needed to pivot and realign my business strategy quickly. She provided clear strategies for helping me to target and reach my audience and clients efficiently and effectively. She guided my focus so that I could leverage my knowledge and skills to connect with those who could benefit from my wellbeing and mental health expertise in a meaningful seamless way.

Jennifer’s positive, solution-oriented approaches always had me thinking bigger and better, so I could realize goals and outcomes more efficiently.  She assisted with my market-dominating position, revenue streams, and helped me increase my pricing to align with my true value and education. With Jennifer's support, passion, tools, and implementation plans, I have been able to move up and attract 5 figure contracts, serving the people and families I care about. That is what having a partner in possibility can do for you." ~ Sajel Bellon Ed. D.

She’s not only excellent at generating marketing ideas, but she’s also amazing at putting words to those ideas (taglines, slogans, verbiage) in a clean and compelling way. I absolutely love the direction of my new marketing/branding strategy.

Jennifer is a creative powerhouse. I had a fantastic, inspiring Java with Jen. I’ve been contemplating booking a session to discuss my marketing strategy for quite some time. So glad I finally did. Jennifer is amazing at brainstorming and generating ideas. I took almost 10 pages of notes and I couldn’t write fast enough, the ideas just kept coming. ~Monika Younger

I highly recommend having a, Java with Jen, if you’re in need of a career or business boost!

Jennifer is a creative and forward-thinking business strategist and coach who is mega supportive! Within one meeting she will shift your mindset, give you a plan of action, and share with you tools to accomplish what you didn’t think was possible.” ~Alley Jean

"It was wonderful working with Jennifer. She is very well versed and knowledgeable in her field. She was very helpful and just gets it! I would have her on my team any day! Jennifer, thank you and I look forward to working with you in the near future."

Aviva Reimer

"Jennifer is a high-quality business coach, leader, and learning consultant. With a passion for both big-picture strategy, but also practical application. Combining both corporate experience with entrepreneurial experience she is a demonstrated leader in coaching, learning, and business optimization. As a recognized leader of coaching within the SLA network of over 13000 coaches, she has been long viewed as a highly visible and successful coach. Aside from her dedication to the coaching and learning professions, she is highly capable of managing remote, on-site, and peer initiatives for small businesses to enterprise organizations."


Dr. J Paul Rand, MBA, CPCN



"I recently had some coaching meetings with Jennifer to discuss business planning strategies. She is a wealth of knowledge in the business coaching arena and has helped me hone my skills and assets that I have more efficiently. This has resulted in added focus and direction. Thanks Jennifer for your support and added guidance!"

Bret Reeder

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