Add To Your Personal Board of Directors

Add To Your Personal Board of Directors

August 25, 2020

Written by: Jennifer Jimbere | Productivity & Profitability Coach for Business Leaders

Individuals should have others they can turn to for support, encouragement and sometimes accountability.

A coach helps people recognize that they will need continued assistance from a network of trusting, supportive relationships with others. Making significant behavioural change can be difficult and its even harder in isolation. Change efforts will be more successful when imbedded within positive relationships. Having people you can turn to for support helps you accelerate your results. A person benefits from a group of people around her who care and help. These relationships keep the change process alive.

Note that this network won’t always include the people closest to her in her everyday life. In fact, sometimes those who are closest to us may not be supportive of a particular change we want to make. That does not mean they become less important in our lives, but perhaps they are not who you will turn to for help on that particular change effort.

Establishing and maintaining resonate relationships is perhaps the most important skill for a coach. Such was the case for Shelly when she decided to make a significant career and life change.

Leaving the Corporate world to pursue her PhD. and ultimately a completely different career than she had been building over the past 15 years. Her husband was her closest and most important relationship but he was not nearly as excited as she was about the possibility of the change she was contemplating. Nor did he have the personal experience and insight into the steps she would need to take to make it happen.

She therefor needed to identify others in her network that might provide relevant coaching and support.

Shelly reached out to me as she knew I started my own private practice after decades in Corporate, was married with children and committed to my personal development and learning. She also reached out to others who have pursued their continued education at the PhD. level. She needed others who would understand what she was about to navigate. Her own personal board of directors.

Her expanded network of trusted supportive relationships helped facilitate her career change effort. Each relationships offered a different perspective and played a unique role in helping with her desired change. Such networks of trusted, supportive relationships can also help us move forward if we become sidetracked or loose energy or focus around our desired change efforts.

Accelerate is our signature program for those who are committed to their success!

We work with highly educated, growth focused action takers. 
JCC Accelerator Program is designed as a multi-disciplinary support system for business leaders who are dreaming boldly and taking action. Those who believe in possibility and know they are creative, capable, wise and good and that what they want to create is available to them.

You are ready to create the conditions for success and take it to the next level. I am committed to positively affecting you and your bottom line. With more than 2000 logged coaching hours, 250 Coach training hours and 13 degrees and certificates, I am well qualified to support you. My education is just the beginning, I have spent decades preparing to support you in the moment. Who you partner with matters. Having someone who can recognize when you need to shift, can mirror proven ways to improve your positive emotions will improve your productivity and profitability.  

Let’s Partner Together!
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