My workshop services include half day to day and a half self-directed learning and support in the fields of leadership development, improved team dynamics and profit.

Learning and development is a passion of mine and I love working with organizations that are committed to their growth. Time away from the whirlwind and regular routine is essential for people to gain perspective and get energized, especially when faced with significant change. Participants benefit greatly when they are permitted to focus solely on themselves, without the pressure of competing roles and obligations. Organizations benefit from the increased loyalty and engagement shown by team members who feel valued.

Is your organization facing significant change? Do you have team members who bring negativity into the workplace every day? Are you committed to helping your organization flourish through the development of people? If you see the value in helping your teams become fully engaged to meet your performance objectives by increasing their leadership skills and confidence as well as their ability to move through change and deal effectively with others, you will be rewarded by partnering in possibility with me.

Happy Client George

The Coaching Clinic experience helped me to:• Collaborate with peers to practice and learn the principles of coaching• Create breakthroughs in personal coaching competencies by creating a productive learning environment• Identify and discern what coaching is and what it is not• Discover the 3 rules of coaching- Coaches do the work- Coaches do the work- Coaches do the work• Use the recommended structure to have productive coaching conversations• Learn how to coach up, down, and at the peer group level• Move from theory of coaching to a personal action plan”

~ George Randle Sales Representative, Mississauga, ON Canada

Happy Client Steve

“The AHA moment for me was learning about the Discovery Questions and the value they can bring within a conversation with an associate. This tool really helped by providing me with options on how to frame a discussion in order to assist an associate discover solutions. Plus the real benefit is in how they will approach the next situation with a slightly different approach in order to discover on their own. And that represents a valuable conversation for both of us.”

~ Steve Singer Team Leader Branch Associate Training & Development, Edward Jones Etobicoke, ON Canada