What Are The Reasons To Choose Jimbere Coaching & Consulting?



I am a business leader. I understand the issues and challenges facing business because I’ve been there and bring diverse perspectives and the wisdom of corporate, organizational and entrepreneurial experience to coaching and consulting. I match my business experience with coaching experience gained over hundreds of hours with hundreds of clients around the world, and I bring the learning gained from every engagement to benefit the next.


I bring strong educational and professional background to my work and in addition I have completed several accredited coach training programs to ensure top level coaching competency.

Proven Process

My success is predicated on having a proven process for implementation of a coaching and consulting initiative no matter how large or focused.

  • Operate on a frequency model – the more often coach and client meet, the greater the momentum and the more rapid the behaviour change and/or goal accomplishment.
  • Collect information. In addition to an intake process (comprised of quantitative assessments and qualitative feedback solicitation) I examine any other performance and evaluation data available to ensure we have as complete a picture as possible.
  • Triangulate the coach/client/organization relationships. I understand that my work with an individual is done in an organizational context and we contract on that basis.
  • Measure the effectiveness of my work, in terms relevant to the client and the organization.
  • Solicit feedback to ensure we learn and improve along with our clients.

High Standards

Member of the International Coach Federation (www.coachfederation.org) and, as such, I adhere to the Code of Conduct and Statement of Professional Ethics of that organization.

Member of the Canadian Positive Psychology Association (www.positivepsychologycanada.com) and, as such, I am engaged in rigorous academic research in the field of positive psychology, and work with other practitioners to ensure a higher standard in the application of positive psychology.

Member of the Association of Change Management Professionals (www.acmpglobal.org) and, as such, I am engaged in advancing the discipline of change management. 

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