What are the reasons the Coaching Clinic is right for you?

How It Works

The Coaching Clinic provides a day-and-a-half of self-reflected learning and experiential-based workshop with peers. The workshop provides you with cutting-edge techniques and competencies to maximize the performance of your organization.

~ The Coaching Clinic provides a great solution for:
• Leadership Development
• Team Development
• Organizational Development
• Change Management Initiatives
• Learning a Coaching Model
• Increasing effective Communication and Interpersonal Skills

As a result of attending the workshop participants will gain the information they need and learn how to:
Gain awareness of a Coaching Conversation model
Identify their ability to adopt a Coach approach
Improve their listening, discovery questioning, acknowledging, messaging and leadership skills

Each participant will walk away with a participant manual, action journal and laminated Coaching Conversation Model reminder card.

Step 1: Engage me in a discussion to explore if this is a solution for your need.
Step 2: I will send you/your team a brochure to discuss the fit and possibilities.
Step 3: We will book a time and a place to take your organization through the workshop and increase their coaching skills and capabilities.
Step 4: Receive coaching and support to help you put the learning into practice.
Step 5: Experience better relationships, add another toolkit to your skills and become more successful!