Provocative thoughts 2- Relax and STOP task switching!

Provocative thoughts 2- Relax and STOP task switching

December 1, 2015

Written by: Jennifer Jimbere | Productivity & Profitability Coach for Business Leaders

Do you only feel like you are accomplishing tasks when you are working on many at once?

How are you taking time to reflect and recharge to ensure that the work you are accomplishing is your best?
Multi-tasking is one of the most inefficient ways to get your work completed and costs us productive time. In the first post titled “Provocative thoughts – 6 ways to banish multitasking!” I shared ways to improve the quality of your work, lower your stress levels and become more efficient.
Some countries work to live, in North America we all know we live to work. You can imagine that we are susceptible to burn out, after 4 or 5 decades in the workforce it’s almost a guarantee. As a coach, I am privileged to hear and help build so many wonderful strategies that I wanted to share a few with you here. In honor of International Coaching week and in the spirit of helping you avoid exhaustion and burnout.

Consider these stress-releiving suggestions to help you relax and stop task switching;
1.  Keep a self-car marble jar: I know, it sounds silly, however I have heard it works. A very interesting way to look at self-care, Dr. Emma Mansour is a licensed psychologist, has recommended this strategy. The concept makes sense. if you use a mason jar and fill it with marbles. Each marble represents a moment or action that was taken to either restore the self/engage in self care or contributes to the feeling of burnout. Some examples of self care are taking a 5 minute walk, mono-taking, taking time to eat your lunch and quiet meditation. Examples of things that take away from your self care are eating lunch at your desk while working, staring at your computer screen when your eyes are burning and not taking a needed bio break. She says, the idea is to keep as many marbles in the jar as possible. When one is taken out, it serves as a reminder that a self-care moment is overdue.
2.  Set a time to UNPLUG each day: When will we have mobile implants in humans? It is beginning to feel like it is not so far off. Set a firm time to unplug not only at home at the beginning of a new day or the end of a long day, but during your work. Your family and your sanity are counting on you to do this.  What would it look like for you if you “unplugged” each day to recharge your energy at work? If you are looking for some techniques, I share 5 in my Positive Psychology Practice series, I invite you to sign up and see the difference these make in increasing your positive emotions.
3.  Your to-do list: Edit it once you create it, by prioritizing. To-do lists are helpful, but can seem like a never-ending list that contributes to our multi-tasking. Revisit the list and decide between must have and nice to have. Ask yourself this question- Does this need to get done now or can it wait? This helps to focus your mind and workspace so you can fully concentrate on the issue at hand.
4.  Say “No” when you are at capacity: Having someone on the team who knows when they can contribute their best based on an understanding of their workload can help to make the entire team more productive. Saying yes to everything may actually be counter-productive to your chances for success, as it may come across to others as though you can’t handle the workload, you are a push over or you have poor operational follow through. Learn how to say no and share when you are at capacity, letting your leader know that you want to put your best efforts forward.

Jimbere Coaching and Consulting can help you implement the ideas shared and increase your productivity. Move forward now to breakthrough and maximize your personal and business performance.


Maintain momentum and make it a great day!


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