P&P Think Tank Application


Productivity & Profitability Think Tank

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What is your first and last name? 

What is your phone number? 

What is your company name? 

Where do you live? 

How many years experience do you have in your role/business? 

What makes you want to be considered for the Productivity & Profitability Think Tank? 

If chosen, will you be able to fully participate in the 9-month Think Tank for your own success and the success of others? 

In your own words, describe the outcomes you would like to achieve after having been a member of the Productivity & Profitability Think Tank for 9 months? 

On a scale of 1-10, how ready are you to be committed to your success? 

Please email all responses for consideration to jennifer@jimberecoachingandconsulting.com ASAP.  I will be in contact with you to schedule a time to discuss the program and your ability to contribute to this exclusive group.  

What you think is possible is just the beginning with the Productivity & Profitability Think Tank