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Optimism is associated with better health, performance, longevity and social success. Positive Psychology is not about being positive about everything at all costs, it helps to put things into perspective.

Leveraging extensive learning in this discipline I can support you to increase your:

Values in Action
Authentic Happiness

To learn about the strategies shared in the science of well-being, I am going to give you just one of the exercises I use with my clients.

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It is called savouring, one of the key techniques that has been proven to work wonders. It is one of my favorites because it can involve anything you already love but don’t take enough time to enjoy regularly or appreciate because you get busy. Savouring is so effective as a strategy, because it is so easy to commit to and has amazing bang-for-your-buck value which is important in a busy schedule. It also allows you to quickly hit the reset button at a time when you might need it most.

Here it is:

Starting today take 3-5 minutes to enjoy something that you usually hurray through. Make a point to schedule five extra minutes for this activity in your day planner so that if you need to you can actually plan to make sure that it happens. My favourite thing to savour is a steeped tea. I actually make sure that I am not looking at emails or distracted by anything else in the quiet of the morning. This makes a huge difference.  When I start my day like this, I actually get more done because my brain starts from this unfrazzled place.

What would you want to start savouring today?

Positive psychology can actually help you make meaning of your interactions which will get your brain to a more positive state.  You don’t have to ‘fake it to make it.’ To get started today using positive psychology in your life, reach out so we can partner in possibility!

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Cheryl Bucknor

Jennifer is an engaging and inspiring trainer who challenges her learners while encouraging them to feel comfortable in her classroom. Although we worked in different training departments, I had the opportunity to work with Jennifer on various projects, committees and workgroups. In those experiences, I witnessed Jennifer’s ability to ask great questions, steer the group towards results, help individuals to identify their strengths and suggest roles that would provide the opportunity for others to develop.

Jennifer leads by example and in this way I was able to learn a lot about communication from her just by observing how she handled difficult situations and encouraged productivity in group settings. I thoroughly enjoyed working with Jennifer and hope to have the opportunity to do so again in the future.

~ Cheryl Bucknor
Training Operations Supervisor, LGM Financial Services Inc, Oakville, Canada