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“I spent nearly 2 decades working in financial services, acquiring more degrees and certifications than most people can even imagine in one lifetime. I leveraged that experience, took a bold step and started my coaching and consulting practice.

Step into possibility


Work Smart Not Hard

The strategies I talk about in this book are proven and used daily by myself and my clients across North America.

Even though I truly believe we are all 1 or 2 great marketing ideas away from more sales opportunities than we can fully imagine, I believe the first two chapters are as important as the following eight.

Grab a copy today and start putting the ideas into action for only $11.29 CAD.

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Voting is Open!

Voting is Open!

Wow! To say I am excited about this one, would be an understatement. "Congratulations, you have been nominated in the Oakville Readers' Choice Awards. You were nominated as Best Business Consulting Service for Jimbere Coaching and Consulting." If you don't know, I...