Marketing Bookcamp for GTA Business Owners

September 9, 2019

Written by: Jennifer Jimbere | Productivity & Profitability Coach for Business Leaders

Your biggest risk is not taking action, join us for this marketing bootcamp. 

Let’s discuss what is working and not working with marketing to get ahead of the curve.

Feeling Frustrated By Ineffective Marketing Not Generating Enough Leads?

With the uncertainty in our economy and the fact it could go one way or the other in the near future, we are coming together to discuss what is working and not working with marketing to get ahead of the curve no matter which way the economy should swing.

Save Your Seat & Learn 3 Secrets to RESULTS-Based Attraction Marketing from a Business Growth Expert. 

If your business isn’t going in the direction that you want it to, if you’re not making the money that you want, if you feel like you are on the verge of a burnout, not making the impact that you want, and you don’t have the influence you desire, then you have to decide today to do something different.

This is For Those Who:

  • Desire more. 
  • Want to invest in your business and your potential. 
  • Ready to take action in a different way. 
  • Want to follow a proven process to shorten the curve to success. 
  • Are serious about your success, then this is for you.

Sign up today and save your seat for this results-oriented seminar. 


Share this with someone who would value the opportunity to learn and implement the proven strategies.

Learn more about your host Jennifer Jimbere, President of Jimbere Coaching and Consulting.

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