Parenting for a Peaceful Home

Parenting for a Peaceful Home

July 26, 2017

Written by: Jennifer Jimbere | Productivity & Profitability Coach for Business Leaders

Although this is not a topic I focus on, I was invited into an important online event as a guest expert to contribute.  As you know, one of the areas I focus on is the Science of Well-being, and well, that applies to many areas of our lives including parenting. 
If you’ve tried it all—the blogs, the research, the expert advice, the “tough love,” the detachment parenting—but you’re still struggling with your child, you may be losing sleep. And hope.

Maybe you’re convinced you’re not a “good enough” mom. Maybe you feel lost.

Deep breath, Momma! There IS something you can do RIGHT NOW to start turning things around for you, your child, and your home.

Sign up for my friend and colleague Christina Louise’s video series: “Parenting for a Peaceful Home”now.

This event brings together 20+ authors, teachers, healers, therapists, and parenting specialists (including me!) in holistic health, wealth consciousness, peaceful parenting techniques, creating healthy work/life balance, practical spirituality, and personal transformation to give you our very best tips on how to come back into alignment with what is authentic and true for you, the wise Momma that we know you are.

Do you sometimes feel like you’re too hard on your child, and other times, too soft? Parenting is hard, no doubt— but you can discover how to minimize parenting-related stress and crises, by learning how to create healthy boundaries, trust yourself, release blocks, and truly relate to your child.

Join us for online video series to hear from 20+ authors, teachers, healers, therapists, and specialists (including me!). We’re coming together to offer practical advice on ADHD, practical spirituality, holistic health, wealth consciousness/attraction, peaceful parenting techniques, creating healthy work/life balance, and personal transformation, so you can be the Mom you’ve always wanted to be

And it’s free!

Go here to sign up and join us!

Maintain momentum and make it a great day!
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