Inspire a Spirit of Vulnerability

Inspire a Spirit of Vulnerability

March 8, 2018

Written by: Jennifer Jimbere | Productivity & Profitability Coach for Business Leaders

Thankful Thursdays – Who are the influential coaches, trainers, sponsors, and mentors you’ve been blessed by? Have any of them helped to inspire a spirit of vulnerability for you? 

Today on International Women’s Day, we’d like to honour the people in our lives who have pushed us past our comfort zones, helped us to aim higher and reach for more than we thought possible. We celebrate all the women who pressed on despite the obstacles; who persisted in achieving hard (and many times impossible) goals; and in doing so inspired future generations of women to dream boldly, like myself. They help us continue to push the boundaries of what we think is possible and encourage us to #CloseTheGap. 

I also celebrate those women who we’ve coached who are extremely successful and who are ok asking for the help they need. Did you know that Oprah has 4 coaches? Successful people become that way through hard work, perseverance, practice, and support.

There are many ways we can ask for support;
– we can hire a cleaner,
– we can ask for help from friends and family,
– we can be transparent and show vulnerability
– we can work with coaches to bring our Bold Dreams to life,
– we can simply be ok knowing we are FLAWsome and not set unreasonable expectations for ourselves.

I worked with one of the participants in the workshop Free Your Possibilities last year who was a very successful professional who viewed asking for help as a sign of weakness. In the workshop, Jennifer invited her to shift this perspective and reach a different place of understanding. She asked, “What if asking for help was one of your greatest strengths to propel you into even greater success?” “Who would you ask and what do you need?” The participant who adopted this paradigm shift, now has a cleaner every 2 weeks, hired an assistant, rebranded and is feeling greater ease and says YES to more experiences that she has in many years.

Be passionate.
Be Curious.
Be Free.
There is a beautiful life waiting for you on the other side of your fears. What would it look like for you if you allowed yourself to be more vulnerable? 

Isn’t it nice to know that we can create the life we want through our thoughts? Today, we want to express thankfulness for being able to bring positivity to you and ultimately bring issues, situations, and opportunities to your awareness so that you can ultimately live your life better than good. 

This is how we thrive.

On our Thrive Experts page, we share success strategies for life, business and relationships. Be sure to join us on Sundays at 8pm EST for Thrive Live with me, Jennifer Jimbere and Jen Slay. 

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