How can Extended DiSC Improve Customer Service?

How can Extended DiSC Improve Customer Service?

April 24, 2021

Written by: Jennifer Jimbere | Productivity & Profitability Coach for Business Leaders

We all know about the importance of excellent customer service, but how often do we purposefully train to improve it? You may have set employee customer service standards. These standards create clear guidelines for employees to adhere to, but often do not produce the best outcomes. Extended DISC tools help us to understand that people are different. Customers do not want to be treated the same. Employees do not have the same customer service strengths. The best strategy is to go beyond the service guidelines and recognize the behavioural styles of the customer and the employees to improve customer service.

Here are 4 steps to improved customer service using DiSC:

1. Understand DiSC styles and how people are similar and different.

2. Become more self-aware of how others see our style.

3. Identify the main DiSC styles of others.

4. Modify our behaviours appropriately to improve interactions.

We can start by using the simple 4 step process and apply it to customer service. First, we need to recognize that there are different styles of customers. Customers have preferred ways of making buying decisions. Next, knowing your own style is critical; not just how you see yourself, but how do you come across to your customers? The third step is being able to identify the DISC styles of your customer so you can adjust your style to provide the best service possible.

Customers do not define excellent customer service the same way we may define it. What is great service for one person is poor service for another. We all use banking services and many of them provide the same services. The banks that are most successful prioritize customer service. Employees follow the clearly laid out standards such as greeting the customer as soon as they walk in the door or using their first name during the banking interaction. As a former Bank Manager, I would often observe the interactions and at times, hop on the customer service line to serve and lead by example.

We cannot deliver excellent service by only following our customer service standards. Standards are important, but we also need to understand the customers. The banking customers might have different preferences. The more reserved or formal customers may not be comfortable when addressed by their first names. If we don’t understand that, then we could miss an opportunity to maximize the customer’s experience. Customers who are I and C might really like that we recognize how long they have been a loyal customer with a simple statement of reference to open the dialogue.

We know there are different levels of service within any organization such as department stores, hospitals, car dealerships, etc. High performing employees know when to pick up the pace or slow down and establish rapport. We control our behaviours and when we learn to modify them appropriately, we can increase customer service excellence.

How to identify customers’ styles

You are likely dealing with a D-style customer if they are demanding, blunt, or impatient. They want to get the task done quickly and efficiently so they can move on. Your I-styples will be easily excitable, friendly, and talk a lot. They are more emotional and impulsive. S-styles appear calm and they listen more than talk. They don’t want to rush. S-styles don’t get easily excited and can be your most loyal customer.  C-styles are more formal and reserved. They are your knowledgeable customers, but will still want more information and ask a lot of questions.

Our employees bring different strengths to their jobs. D-style employees are decisive and resolve issues quickly. They take responsibility and excel at coming up with new solutions. I-style employees enjoy interacting with people and can get them excited and comfortable. They are approachable and create a positive atmosphere. S-style employees are friendly and patient listeners. They calmly take the time to understand the issues. C-style employees focus on the issue and strive for quality. They provide consistent service and are often times your experts. C-styles may take longer, but they will likely take care of your issue the first time.

DISC®  behavioral assessments have been providing clients with the information they need in order to be successful for the past 25 years. Adding this element to the remainder of your plan for 2021 will support your success.  Did you know I have been an Extended DiSC certified trainer since October 2013?

How Do You Get A DiSC Assessment?

Step 1: Call me at 416-939-8645 to explore if this is a solution for your need.
Step 2: I will send you/your team a link to fill out the 10-minute online questionnaire.
Step 3: Receive coaching and support to help you interpret the report and create an action plan.
Step 4: Experience better relationships and become more successful.

Also available, a half-day virtual workshop  DiSCovering yourself and others.

I have delivered this as a day and a half self-reflected learning, experiential-based workshop with peers. The workshop provides you with cutting-edge techniques and competencies to increase your self-awareness and improve your ability to relate and communicate with others. As a result of attending the workshop participants gain the information they need and learn how to:

✓ Embrace all behavior styles and better relate to others
✓ Identify when they need to flex out of their own style
✓ Improve their ability build rapport faster for customer service and sales

Have support during these trying times! By working with a professional coach like me, you can create a plan and find out how to use your strengths daily, stop trying to be more of who you’re not, and start focusing on what naturally makes you powerful and unique. You can achieve new self-awareness and strategies to support your ability to better relate with and communicate with others.  Maximize your potential with proven strategies and partner with a professional. 

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