Frantic Week? Let’s Focus and Find Solutions During Trying Times

Frantic Week? Let's Focus and Find Solutions During Trying Times

September 7, 2018

Written by: Jennifer Jimbere | Productivity & Profitability Coach for Business Leaders

In Canada, this was back to school week. 
On a scale of 1-10, how frantic has this week been for you? 
Let’s focus on solutions

As professionals, we have many responsibilities and juggling them all can be quite the challenge. Are your discussions with your children focused on their shortfalls or their strengths? One great resource we can use as parents is the VIA Signature Strengths Survey to learn what are our children’s top strengths. There is a version for you and your teen(s). The more positive emotions there are in our homes, the more there can be out in our world of work. 

Now, this week could have been beyond what I was capable of handling. There is a move in our near future, our son started at a new school, one of the top Canadian Football programs in the Country and my team and business are expanding.  I’ll give you frantic and raise you a…… actually, I am not sure what would descride how I could top it. 

Yet, instead, what I did was find solutions. 
I called on another family to help chip in with my son’s temporary accommodations. 
I found creative spaces to work in and out of while on the road. As I write this, I am sitting down by the water in a restaurant between client work and calls and taking in the gorgeous scenery. 
I made more in-person sales meetings vs using my virtual video room. 
I asked for help, used resources and made the most of the adventure. 

When you get creative, you make it work.
Here was this morning’s office:)
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Frantic Week? Let's Focus and Find Solutions During Trying Times

See how I framed that.  I got to. Instead of I had to.
It was an adventure, instead of a great big mess. 


Bringing up problems without solutions can have others seeing you as negative, and foster a perception that you are not a strong leader or without leadership potential.

How do you react when you see or uncover issues at work?

What do you do when you realize there are potential problems on the horizon that perhaps you can see very clearly and others seem unaware of?

It is important to consider the way you deliver the information.

Here are some suggestions to keep your focus during trying times:

  1. Keep blame away from the conversation and remain neutral. Ensure that you are not inferring blame and offer a solution. Instead of focussing on the person’s shortfalls, see if you can shift it to their stregnth.  We can all use a boost!
  2. Don’t let your emotions drive the conversation. It is ok to be passionate and care a lot about your work but doesn’t let your emotions drive the conversation.
  3. Think about the audience and the best way to deliver your message. What do you know about them, what is important to them? Use a mental chalkboard and write the problem on the left and try to come up with 3 solutions on the right within 90 seconds. Build from there and position your conversation according to your audience.
  4. State the issue clearly as well as the consequences and the impact on the business as you see it. You may be able to clearly see the forest through the trees however others may not. Share your viewpoint and describe the risks you are seeing in a way that relates to their role.
  5. Leave your ego out of it. Your job is to let management know about the issue and the impact if not addressed. If it’s not important at this time, you need to let it go. When the issue rises again, you will be more than willing to help the organization deal with it.
  6. It is important to contribute the best of who you are in an authentic way. Communicating the issues you see in the workplace is valuable, remember to do so in a clear and positive manner to establish and support your reputation as a leader.

Instead of focusing on the problem, let’s focus on find solutions when times get frantic.

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