Dream Boldly I Dare You

Dream Boldly I Dare You

December 19, 2016

Written by: Jennifer Jimbere | Productivity & Profitability Coach for Business Leaders

There’s a hero, that rests deep within you.
You are being invited to remember.
Reignite your dreams and dream boldly.
I dare you.

Just in time for the holidays as you kickstart the New Year! It’s inspiring, it’s enlightening and I’m certain it will empower you. It’s been an incredible project to be part of and the 31 stories are certain to inspire and empower you to DREAM BOLDLY! In January, you can start with one story per day and create for yourself a wonderful year ahead. Reach out today if you’d like to get a signed copy. 

Within 48 hours, this collective group project reached #1 on Amazon in 7 different categories including Happiness, Dreams, Hot New Release and more. 
For personalized, autographed copies, please contact deb@jimberecoachingandconsulting.com. 
 Thank you kindly in advance!

This powerful book of transformation contains 31 days of powerful life stories, intended to be savored one by one. Begin each morning or close each day with a thought provoking message that is certain to captivate you. Get cozy, grab your favourite blanket, sip your favorite warm beverage and prepare to be awakened.

Join our unbreakable circle of love, as you embark on this life changing journey to boldly declare 100 dreams with helpful prompts to guide you in unlocking your deepest desires. Expand and awaken the warrior that resides within you today!

Inspired by: Today’s Thought Leaders, Best Selling Authors, Motivational Speakers & World Class Coaches
Contributors: Carrie Stepp, Allison Saia, Jen Davoux, Elisa Joy Torres, Rhonda Culver, Jennifer Jimbere, Trudy Stoner, Michelle Middleton, Rhonda Culver, Alicia Castrogiovanni, Allison Lindgren, Dawn Loyd, Kirstie Dempsey, Sophia Heydari, Lorraine Brown, Cynthia Washington, Nisha Williams, Meeta Gupta, Jennifer Nelson-Hawks, Tamar Groll, Lynette Molina, Dr. Linda Potts, Christine Ryan, Jennie Lee Hourston, Kathy Mortenson, Kara Stoltenberg, Viviana Medel, Leanne Bush, Sandy Carlson, Anne Arndt.

Jennifer Jimbere is President of Jimbere Coaching and Consulting, Co-Founder and Resident Expert at Radical Joy Seeking Women’s Club and would like to explore synergies to work with you. Contact me to partner in possibility and learn how to up your positive experiences.


Wishing all of you a blessed holiday season! 


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