Are you a Goal Digger?

Are you a Goal Digger?

February 15, 2022

Written by: Jennifer Jimbere | Productivity & Profitability Coach for Business Leaders

Do you take the time to step into possibility?
To think, to imagine and explore how you can bring about a new reality.

Every year, I build a scorecard for my goals and look at it weekly to ensure that there are always top of mind. This helps me to take inspired action.

Last year really enforced the important of planning and vision!

When I work with clients, I invite them into this process as part of the 4DX model for planning.

Here are a few reasons why companies hire coaches & consultants;

1. Does this person demonstrate a depth of experience?

A good consultant’s depth of experience should be evident from the first conversation they have with a prospective client.

Effortless confidence inspires trust from the client. I respond to questions with certainty born from first-hand knowledge and experience, not a superficial need to be seen as enlightened.

When a consultant’s credibility is an unstated component of their demeanour, they speak with authority, it calms the clients nerve’s, and lays the foundation for a trusting partnership.

2. Client-first mindset.

I recognize that I am playing a supporting role in a case in which the client is the star; there is no need to try to “steal the spotlight’ from the client.

As a quality consultant, I am a role player, not a soloist. A natural collaborator who understands that linking arms with their client and making my own success dependant upon the clients satisfaction, is the only way to build a sustainable reputation.

3. Analytical problem solver.

It is important to have the ability to analyze large amounts of data, ask relevant, powerful, open-ended questions that reveal new insights, and deliver tangible results.

Asking powerful questions 1) demonstrates sound listening skills, 2) strengthens the consultant-client relationship, 3) moves projects forward faster, and 4) helps detect the root cause of a problem.

As a coach and consultant who can reality shift between the two skillsets, I am solution focused, while sticking a balance between strategy and proven tactics. Through strong communication skills, I am able to draw connections between the big picture and the here and now, co-creating an action plan that is not merely timely today, but also sustainable tomorrow.

4. Reliable in wood and deed.

I am to exceed the client’s objectives, and position the project for success and bring a “whatever it takes” mindset to engagements, and am laser-focused on creating the environment for them to win.

Being dependable is key, so I tend to communicate early and often, should a project be met with unforeseen obstacles. Adapting to changing expectations and shifting priorities comes easier when you have a breadth and depth of knowledge in many disciplines and have spent decades building context to be able to support in the moment.

5. Professional.

Striking a balance between being professional and relatable. People skills are as important as technical skills or industry knowledge, when it comes to consulting. I am to be personable enough to maintain a natural rapport with a client, while also being professional enough to become the client’s trusted business advisor.

I further gain the client’s trust by demonstrating and ability to interface seamlessly with diverse teams within the client’s organization. As a natural collaborator and inclusive problem solver, I bring harmony to groups that are in opposition to one another and can facilitate conversations with people of varying generations and demographics with ease.

6. Excellent listener.

One of the most important qualities I leverage as a consultant is the ability to listen deeply. Listening without interrupting, digest and process large amounts of information, organize my thoughts quickly, and respond thoughtfully. Q.A.S. is the formula I use most often.

Having a discerning ear and paying attention to what the client say their needs are and to what is not being said. I am mindful not to assume that I know everything about the client’s obstacles or business despite my research or past client work.

The ability to effectively lead change at the client level is dependant upon having adequately listened to the client, and being able to confidently outline the steps to move forward. Without this as a foundation, the client will not be receptive to my guidance.

7. Lifelong learner.

Many of the best consultants joined the industry for one simple reason: they love to learn. I don’t just believe in continuous improvements as a best management practice- I embody it in my personal life as well. I read like Google is going to crash, more than 100 books a year.

I am a joyful learner who displays a genuine curiosity about the world. I know that in order to remain competitive, my education must be ongoing, and my network must be continuously cultivated. My studiousness and conscientious nature supports me, as I must constantly think of my feet.

Always receptive to feedback and willing and able to pivot a new approach that better suits the client when needed. My vast education is just the beginning, with 13 degrees and certificates, I’ve spent decades building context to be able to support in the moment.

8. Driven.

Another critical quality I posses is the constant, discipled drive towards excellence. A good consultant demands productivity from themselves, so that measurable results are delivered in a short amount of time. I view the reward for my work not as a factor of billable hours, but rather in my continuous ability to execute beyond the deliverable and thus exceed client expectations.

A common quality peerages is that I am rarely satisfied, a bit skeptical, and take pleasure in challenging and improving upon the status quo.

9. Natural Influencer.

I have the ability to persistently move a project or initiative forward, without being disruptive or damaging relationships. Amiable and reasonable, I aim to lead with authenticity, and am open enough to admit my shortcomings. I maintain a positive attitude, and demonstrate energy and passion that matches or exceeds the client’s.

I bring life into stalled projects and lead by example.

10. Intuitive communicator.

I am a skilled communicator with an expansive vocabulary. I know when and how to bring a complimentary tone to a client setting, and can communicate expertise through a variety of means.

An effective presenter, capable of making clear and concise points. In written communication, I thoughtfully convey a message in an easy-to-absorb manner. As colleague and relationship manger, I have the experience to know which means to use to most effectively make a point and convey a message. Managing a client’s expectations, deadlines, and deliverables can be stressful. I am in tough with my emotions and leverage proven practices in Positive Psychology when under pressure.

I understand the invisible forces in the room, such as ego and pride, and handle these forces appropriately.

I am drawn to this line of work because I love helping clients succeed.

So that is one of your goals on your scorecard for 2022? I want to help hold you, my friend, accountable! Because when we are digging our goals together, we can cheer each other on and watch one another grow!

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