A Community Of Support

A Community Of Support

February 1, 2019

Written by: Jennifer Jimbere | Productivity & Profitability Coach for Business Leaders

A Community of Support

It Takes A Village

We’ve all heard the saying “It Takes A Village To Raise A Child”.  The idea behind this is that when children are exposed to and interact with an entire community of different people, they can grow in a safer environment.  Everyone looks out for them.  But, everyone isn’t responsible for raising them.  That is still up to the parents. Your Business is no different.  You are responsible for running it and caring for it, but if you surround yourself with a community of people who are there to support you and share ideas, your business can grow in a safe environment. That is why the Productivity & Profitability Think Tank is so amazing.  By joining other business owners and like-minded people, you will be in a community that can help you solve your business challenges.

A Community of Support

If you are feeling overwhelmed with either too many or too few clients, if your passion is draining out of you or if you simply want to do business more efficiently, then this community is for you!  Jennifer Jimbere has been where you are.  She has struggled and been frustrated.  She has learned that you can’t go it alone.  By working together, you can avoid common mistakes that are made by business owners and learn great tips from those who have been there. 

Why struggle if you don’t have to.  Are you struggling with the following:

  1. You’re not making the money you know you can and dream of operating a Million Dollar Business
  2. You’re struggling to create the financial abundance you desire.
  3. You’re tired of chasing after new clients.

If you are, then this exclusive group of leaders, business owners, and professionals will help you become more productive, attract more clients and increase your profitability.

A Community of Support

What Does This Community Offer?

  1. Like-Minded Professionals to regularly consult, reassuring you that you’re not alone allowing you to build your own personal board of directors.
  2. It will enable you to show up and win more ideal clients, develop your market dominating position and increase your prices.
  3. It will inspire you to reach your full potential.

With Jennifer’s passion for helping people and the knowledge she brings to the table, you can be sure that the Productivity & Profitability Think Tank is something you need to be a part of.

As Jennifer’s Business Support Manager I have experienced the benefit of her wisdom.  I have seen and taken part in programs that she has designed and am happy to say that they have always improved the way I do business.  If you would finally like to end the cycle of completing the same fruitless “business-building” activities day after day that is holding you back, this community is a must.

See what Allison Graham, owner of Elevate Biz says about Jennifer:

“Jennifer has the unique combination of being able to guide you to grow your business AND deal with self-limiting beliefs!  She is exceptionally committed to her clients and offers insights to create a strong workplace culture.  She’s exceptionally knowledgeable and was able to work with me on one of my major clients!  I’m so glad I had her as a resource because her insight transformed the client’s outcomes!”

Join the Productivity and Profitability Think Tank today!

Brenda Tait-Business Support Manager for Jimbere Coaching And Consulting


A Community Of Support

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