6 Reasons training isn’t always the answer!


July 13, 2015

Written by: Jennifer Jimbere | Productivity & Profitability Coach for Business Leaders

I’ve been a learning & development specialist for over 16 years and I wanted to share some insights with you. I’ve seen just as many situations where training was the answer as I have situations where training wasn’t able to add value or to contribute to enhanced performance.
Let’s think about things first, before jumping to conclusions:

Lack of performance can be caused by several things including these 6;

  • unclear organizational mission or goals
  • the tools and resources people need to do their jobs are unavailable to them
  • they know what work needs to be done – and how to do it – but work flows or procedures need to be overhauled
  • the structure for pay, bonuses or recognition do not support consistent performance.
  • they have the “old system” available to them and have a choice available to adopt the “new system”
  • employees receive little or no feedback and coaching they need to increase their performance results

Ask yourself this question first before deciding if training is the answer “Is there a system gap?

Here are some situations that are red flags that tell you training may not be the answer:

  • “Training on time management next quarter” – You may be correct that your people need to learn how to manage and protect their time. First, you may need to ensure you provide clear direction, coach them to the results and provide permission for their strengths to flourish. Taking the time to talk with people in a way that resonates with them and considers their style can make all the difference in increasing efficiencies.
  • “Teach my people critical thinking” – Is this code for my people do not think the way I do? Possibly we could spend time training Third Alternative Thinking to the leaders in your organization to help them trust that their people are creative, capable, wise & good. Hopefully you are not looking for clones who would act exactly the way you would and you want to nurture their growth and development.
  • “Our people need communication training” – Well you might be right, but what if it’s actually a result of a dysfunctional team? Maybe, DiSC coaching for you and the team might be more appropriate. It will help to establish communication norms and might go so much farther towards remedying the situation than generic communication skills training might.

A good learning and development partner can help you analyze your problem and assist you in deciding when training is the answer. With over 16 years in learning and development, I am a certified professional coach, change management and positive psychology practitioner. Please reach out if you have any questions or to partner in possibility.

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